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Current Exchange Rates

You can always be sure of the most up-to-date exchange rates when you buy travel money from OnlineFX. Our partnerships with market data providers mean we have access to live exchange rates in all countries we supply currency for, giving us the edge over other suppliers and ensuring you always get the most accurate exchange rate possible for your foreign currency, wherever you're travelling to in the world.

Currency Sell At Buy
Euro 1.1845 Buy Now
Euro Travellers Cheque 1.1838 Buy Now
United States - Dollars 1.5482 Buy Now
US Travellers Cheque 1.5473 Buy Now
Argentina - Pesos 6.957 Buy Now
Australia - Dollar 1.4606 Buy Now
Australian Travellers Cheque 1.461 Buy Now
Bahrain - Dinar 0.5661 Buy Now
Barbados - Dollars 2.9466 Buy Now
Brazil - Reais 2.9017 Buy Now
British - Pounds 1 Buy Now
Bulgaria - Leva 2.1632 Buy Now
Canada - Dollars 1.4986 Buy Now
Canadian Travellers Cheque 1.4968 Buy Now
China - Yuan 9.246 Buy Now
Croatia - Kuna 8.5486 Buy Now
Czech Republic - Koruny 27.5454 Buy Now
Denmark - Kroner 8.4313 Buy Now
East Caribbean - Dollar 4.0083 Buy Now
Egypt - Pounds 8.8436 Buy Now
Fiji - Dollars 2.6268 Buy Now
Hong Kong - Dollars 11.5656 Buy Now
Hungary - Forint 312.2028 Buy Now
Indonesia - Rupiahs 13904.1 Buy Now
Israel - New Shekels 5.6314 Buy Now
Jamaica - Dollars 133.7973 Buy Now
Japan - Yen 117.7968 Buy Now
Japanese Travellers Cheque 117.7935 Buy Now
Jordan - Dinars 1.0552 Buy Now
Kenya - Shillings 123.9681 Buy Now
Kuwait - Dinar 0.4205 Buy Now
Latvia - Lati 0.7715 Buy Now
Lithuania - Litai 3.8165 Buy Now
Malaysia - Ringgits 4.5078 Buy Now
Mauritius - Rupee 46.1981 Buy Now
Mexico - Pesos 18.1333 Buy Now
New Zealand - Dollars 1.8342 Buy Now
Norway - Kroner 8.2543 Buy Now
Oman - Rials 0.5698 Buy Now
Philippines - Pesos 61.8366 Buy Now
Poland - Zlotych 4.5315 Buy Now
Romania - New Lei 5.115 Buy Now
Russia - Rubles 42.5941 Buy Now
Saudi Arabia - Riyals 5.5401 Buy Now
Singapore - Dollars 1.803 Buy Now
South Africa - Rand 12.5893 Buy Now
Sweden - Kronor 9.6017 Buy Now
Switzerland - Francs 1.3674 Buy Now
Thailand - Baht 44.9658 Buy Now
Trinidad and Tobago - Dollars 9.3005 Buy Now
Turkish - New Lira 2.6477 Buy Now
UK Travellers Cheques 0.9574 Buy Now
United Arab Emirates - Dirhams 5.424 Buy Now

Live exchange rates for all foreign currencies

Whether you're buying travel money or making a money transfer, it's important to have access to the latest exchange rates to know how far your currency can go. Our live exchange data guarantee the latest rates for our customers and for businesses looking to make use of our corporate exchange services.

We have partnered with the MorningStar Group, which processes data directly from more than 100 sources, including live exchange rates. Our global datafeed offers timely and accurate information on exchange rates that represents the original source data as closely as possible, allowing you to carry out foreign exchange transactions at today's exchange rates for more than 70 countries worldwide.

Buy travel money at today's exchange rate

Our website aims to provide the most accurate exchange rates possible for currency transactions. If you wish to sell us your leftover foreign currency, we can provide you with a buy back exchange rate upon receipt of your foreign currency notes based on the latest exchange rate data.

Buy travel money online at live exchange rates from OnlineFX.

buy travel money online from OnlineFX

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